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Portable Fans & Heaters

Portable Fans

Fans are the essential product that fulfills the need of keeping one's cool. There are many sizes of fans are available now a day that are making their use easy and very convenient. There are many portable fans available at SehgalMotors.PK that is good in quality and affordable in prices as well. We have Rotatable Dual Speed Car Electric Fan, Double Solar Powered heat Ventilation Exhaust Fan, Portable Car Heating Defroster Fan, Sogo Car Fan, USB Fan, Auto Heater Fan 12 Volt DC, USB Fan with Analogue Clock, Mini Super Fast Car Cooling Air Fan and Mobile Fan for Android and iPhone as well. All these Car Cooling Fans are not only affordable but having efficient services providing for long term with guaranteed success. You can buy these products from our store and online from our website SehglaMotors.PK as well. 

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