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Car Fridge

Car Fridge

To keep things like drinks, food and some other temperature-sensitive materials properly cool portable refrigerators are used now a day. They are made of simple and complex thermodynamic and thermoelectric systems that coll and heat things inside it according to the system it works with. Insulation is the portable refrigerators rely upon. The movement of heat get slow as the compartment of the refrigerator is closed having the insulated sides. Heat flows very slowly in between the refrigerator when you close it. Without using much energy, you can keep food cool for a long time in the refrigerator. Without using much energy this heating system in the refrigerator keeps the cooling system effective in the portable refrigerators. The methods used in house air-conditioners and conventional house refrigerators is the same used in the portable refrigerators to keep the things cool in it. This portable refrigerator becomes very helpful while having it in your cars during your road trip. Car fridges help you to keep your things stored properly for a long time. SehgalMotors.PK has a large variety of car portable refrigerators that are made up of high standards and having affordable prices we have Portable Fridge Cool Box 6 Liters, Portable Digital Car Cool Storage Box Fridge White 19 Liters, Car Cool Fridge for Jeep, Digital Car Cool Storage Box Fridge, Portable Cola Can Style Fridge, Portable Small White Door Fridge With Handle, Portable Big White Door Fridge 20 Liters, Premium Heated Car Electric Kettle Cup, Electric Smart Mug 12V Car Electric Kettle Heated Mug, Portable Car Cool Storage Box Fridge Grey 20 Liters, Portable Digital Car Cool Storage Box Fridge, Portable Big Car Cool Fridge, Car Cool Box Fridge Digital, Portable Car Cool Box Fridge Blue 12 Liters 49W these are the best quality refrigerators having double function of heating and cooling. You can buy these products from our stores and can order online from our website SehgalMotors.PK as well. 

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