Track Shipment

Our Partners TCS ,Daewoo and EasyPaisa develops and nurtures strategic partnerships in alignment with our vision of Simplification and Digital Reimagination™. We believe that a strong network of partners, and robust capabilities in partner technologies and thought leadership are central to helping our customers enhance their business value.

Track Shipment When you book your consignment with TCS, rest assured that you are in total control of knowing where exactly your shipment is at a particular point in time during its transit, finally leading you to know to whom it was delivered and at what time and date. TCS has made it all the more convenient for you to track and trace your shipment’s whereabouts by offering you a variety of tracking tools. Select a TCS Tracking Tool from the choices below to receive updates and current status of your shipment any time you want to know the status. Happy Tracking!

In order to consistently enhance customer service, we strive to stay connected to our customers, and encourage two-way communication through Voice of Customer.

We understand that customers are the pulse of any successful business, and it is only through the cultivation of their feedback, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, that we can discover and develop new ways to provide ease and convenience to our customers.