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IFace 702 Uses The Latest Hardware Platform ZEM600 And Fingerprint & Face Recognition Algorithm ZK Finger 10.0, So Its Capacity Is Large And Recognition Speed Is Fast. Integrating High-Resolution Infrared Night Vision And Color Dual Camera Function, IFace 702 Has A Wide Field Of Application And Won’t Be Influenced By The External Light, Enables User Identifications In Bright Light Or In The Dark Environment. IFace 702 Has A Standard 4.3 Inches Touch TFT, And It Has Only 6 State Function Keys, Other Operations Will Be Completed On The TFT Screen. Besides, IFace 702 Has The Standard TCP/IP Communication, Which Can Support Internet Work.   Key Features High Resolution, Infra-Red And Coloured Camera Functions. Coloured Touch Screen, Easy Use And Fashionable GUI. Infra-Red Optical System Enables User-Identification In Poorly Lit Environment. Standard Functions For Access Control. The Standard TCP/IP Communication, Support Inter-Network. Fingerprint Recognition Combines With Face Recognition. 400 Face Capacity 2000 Fingerprint Capacity.

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