Veslee Fluorescent Yellow 1005 Color Spray Paint 450 ML

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Vesley Rubber Paints

Rubber paint is made from polyvinyl material, polyvinyl is inexpensive plastic, it make synthetic products from the 1913. Polyvinyl means that represent that materials or objects which are made from polymers or vinyl compounds. As well as they also made from Synthetic Rubber, these synthetic rubbers are always a polymer, and in different types of Artificial Elastomer mainly structured from petroleum by products. Rubber Paints are mainly made from synthetic rubber. This Synthetic Rubber provides thick protective coating as compare to latex paints.

Rubber Paint Uses and Benefits

Chlorinated Rubber Paint are very Flexible, Hard wearing coating provides a better resistant to water in both conditions that is alkaline and acid, Keep away from the heat, Very popular in shipbuilding sector, Based on a chlorinated rubber alkyd which modifies system at flash point of 23 degree Celsius.

Uses: Rims, wheel cap, body parts of any cars, on bare concrete and plaster, Bridges, tanks, plants and laboratories, On Swimming Pool, Used for marking floor and airport runways, Use on new and old masonry floors, On tanks, boats and steel works, Interior or exterior appliances.

Benefits: Water Resistant, Applied from brush, roller and spray, Excellent durable, Mutual adhesion to the individual layers, Non-Toxic, Chemical, alkali and fungi resistant, Dry Quickly.

Synthetic Rubber Paint, Synthetic rubber is made from compounds which are produced by the polymerization of unsaturated hydrocarbons, then, Artificially made polymer material which act with Elastomer, then Use other chemical compounds to make synthetic rubber and synthetic rubber paint When it becomes ready to use it is much better than natural rubber.

Uses: Use on gardens, garage, home, water tanks, Used on automobile tires,Masonry or Concrete Surfaces, On mild steels and building materials, Used on swimming pools, parapet walls, Wire and Cables, Soles and Heels,Used on diving suits, boots, protective clothes.

Benefits: Very flexible and stretchable, Abrasion, corrosion and water resistant, Not easily crack in extreme weather condition, Applied with brush, roller and spray, Gives perfect gloss and finish, Dry Quickly, Used on interior or exterior appliances.


Rubber paint can be pealed off whenever needed. It is not a permanent paint. Just for decoration purpose and adds beauty to the product. Now, no need to buy new products every time when you are bored from its color, just buy a new rubber paint and change its color.

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