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Turbo Whistler AC Grill Perfume Chrome

For the sport and racing enthusiasts, introducing a new product, a grill vent perfume in turbo shape. It comes in an extremely beautiful chrome finish. It's an all-inclusive pack meaning it comes with the perfume which you can add into the turbo shaped container. It is also easily installable as it can be installed easily via a clip to the AC grill in whichever direction you may prefer. It also has an amazing extra feature. A small working fan in the middle of the turbo shaped container, it works as soon as you activate the fan. Whether the weather is hot or cold, whether the AC is on or the heater, this perfume's aroma will last in your car. And you can install this sporty perfume in your car. Introduced for the first time in Pakistan. Order now at

Also known as (Car Perfume, Design Perfume, Car Fragrance, Gari Ka Perfume, Gari Ki Khushboo)

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