Toyota Fortuner Unichip Diesel (2.8) - Model 2017-2021

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Toyota Fortuner Unichip Diesel (2.8) - Model 2017-2019
Package Includes:
Unichip Q4
Unichip HV4 Module
Unichip GDE Module
Unichip Power Option switch
Plug n Play Harness
Unichip Keychain
Unichip Stickers

Horsepower & Torque:
Upto 100 Horsepower Gain
Upto 200 Newton Meters Gain

Unichip Power Package available with 5 Switchable Maps
Stock power 142WHP (175hp)πŸ“‰
Unichip power 206WHP (260bhp)πŸ“ˆ
Stock torque 420NmπŸ“‰
Unichip torque 620NmπŸ“ˆ
You can select the following power options at any time from the selector switch. πŸ”ΊπŸ”»
1) Stock Power
2) 30Hp Improved power
3) 45Hp improved power with the best fuel economy β›½ 

Unichip Q4, Unichip driver module HV4, Unichip power options switch, Plug n Play
harness, Unichip keychain and Unichip stickers.
• Plug & Play 15 minutes installation time.
• Free test drive
• Five days money back guarantee
• Three years product warranty
• Life time Investment
• Unichip is re-programmable and can be transferred to any other vehicle later
4) 80Hp Improved powerπŸ“ˆ
5) 95-100Hp Track/Race mode 🏁
− Increased Performance by 65%
− Improved Fuel economy by 10%
− Improved Throttle Response
− Improved Acceleration
− Improved Low-Down Torqu

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