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Toyota Corolla GT Mesh Grill ABS Plastic Glossy Black – Model 2014 – 2017

A car grill has a useful purpose and is not just for show. It functions to guard the engine compartment, including the radiator, from rocks, dirt, and other debris on the road. Other grilles are for protecting lights, the bottom of the engine near the bumper, the brakes, and the air filter at the back of the engine. Grilles are sturdy metallic or plastic devices that, while protecting parts of the car, also let air pass through. For this reason, they look like a cage or mesh.

While car grilles are mainly utilitarian in nature, manufacturers and car owners also use them to express personality. When buying a grille to replace a damaged one or to upgrade for a purely cosmetic look, people go to junk yards, auto supply shops, and online locations like eBay Motors. When considering a car grille, consumers should know about the different types of car grilles, their material construction, and how to choose the right one.

Overview of Car Grilles

The grille on a car or truck goes unnoticed by many people, but to others it is one of the most noticeable parts of the vehicle next to the make, model, color, and wheels. Like everything about cars, the grille assembly has evolved over the years. Manufacturers realized that the car grille was an area that they could distinguish themselves from others, so they created new designs. Grille styles became associated with certain names like split grille, bell-shaped, arch-shaped, and single-frame grille. Nowadays, many brands have a distinctive grill design that is uniquely theirs and readily recognized by the car buying public.

Grille styles became fashion movements that ebbed and flowed over time. As with fashion, everything becomes new again, so consumers looking for grilles can safely choose any grille that fits their fancy. When choosing a car grille, a consumer can just order by make, model, and year and be satisfied. For those who want to add some individuality to their car, they can make better choices if they understand the types of grilles they can choose from.

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