Steelmate Engine Starter System

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remote Alarm Security System

Product Specification

Remote Engine Start
Remote Monitoring The Temperature Inside The Car
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Fsk Technology Stable And Reliable
Super Long Distance
Valet Mode
Alerts When Car Alarms
Activated Air Conditioning System
Signal Bar
Alerts When Door Opens

Why Buy a Car Alarm

A car alarm is another form of insurance for your automobile. It doesn’t matter how new or how old your car is, unexpectedly losing it can cause you monumental shock and frustration. While a car alarm won’t keep your windows from being shattered or the body of your automobile from being damaged, all of those repairs aren’t as expensive as having to purchase a brand new car. Your neighbors and people in parking lots might not appreciate your blaring alarm, but you never know when your alarm will go off because someone’s trying to break into your car instead of going off because someone accidentally bumped into it.

The Benefits of a Car Alarm System

In this day and age your vehicle’s safety and security is just as important as your home as it is just as valuable, making it a prime targeted for burglary. Therefore installing a car alarm system is of paramount important for many people and comes with many benefits which consist of the following:

Although a car alarm is a very simple device, it sends out a clear message to thieves that there is a very high chance of someone noticing/being alerted of their activities if they try to break in.
In terms of protecting your personal valuables it is a very cost effective measure to safeguard the car and its contents.
Thieves will always choose an easier target and by installing a car alarm system you are reducing the chance of your vehicle becoming a target.
One of the biggest costs of owning a vehicle is the insurance and when you do not have any car alarm systems fitted your insurance premium will automatically be higher. Most modern cars are fitted with some form of systems which insurance companies will take into account. However, if you own an older car which does not have these systems, you will often find that the insurance is much higher. Installing a car alarm is option available to most drivers with them being more widely affordable and often you will find that the cost of installation is offset by the reduction in insurance costs.
If your vehicle is unfortunately stolen, having an alarm system with a tracking device will transmit the location without the thief ever knowing. This means law enforcement will be able to locate and retrieve your vehicle quickly.
Some systems allow the driver to control aspects of the vehicle from their phone and in the event that it is stolen the driver can send a signal from their phone to kill the cars functionality, forcing it to remain stationary until the driver changes this.

Steelmate Engine Starter System

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