SOS Car Emergency Kit Small | Jump Start Cables , Towing Strap Hook, Gloves, Fuse and Hand Held Torch

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SOS Emergency Kit

While travelling in a car, there are some tools and equipment that we may need in case of an emergency. This product is exactly what you need. It is called an 'SOS Emergency Kit'. It may also be called as a 'Roadside Emergency Kit' or an 'Auto Emergency Kit'. It consists of five basic accessories that can be used in various situations.


Bag: The kit is in form of a bag which contains all the accessories included in the kit. Its a compact sized bag that is portable and occupies very less space.

Towing Rope: It has a towing rope. It is used to tow your car to your destination by hooking one end to another car and one end to yours in case it gets stuck somewhere or the engine doesn't start.

Gloves: It also has a pair of gloves that save your hands from getting dirty while you're checking the problem of your car like the engine oil or battery fluid.

Jump Start or Booster Cable: The kit contains a jump start or booster cable. This cable is used to start the battery. You can use it to jump start your car in case the battery dies.

Double-Sided Tape: It has a double-sided tape which is also known as solution tape or adhesive tape. It is five metres long and you can use it to cover up or insulate the wires.

Flashlight: It has a flashlight. You can use it if you get stuck somewhere at night and you can't see around because it's dark. It also has a button which is locked and as soon as you unlock it you can recharge the flashlight by pressing the button again and again in case its battery dies.

Overall it's a very useful product. People may use it while travelling on long routes and on highways where there are no workshops or garages. So this can be helpful.


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