Simota Cold Air Intake Filter Blue - Universal | Universal Car Air Filter Vehicle Induction High Power Mesh | Auto Cold Air Hood Intake

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Simota Air Intake Filter – Universal.

car intake filter
best quality material
lowest price
used in all cars
increases torque and rpm
efficient fuel economy
used for months
easily washable

Owning a car and keeping it running can be as difficult or as easy as one wants. To avoid any serious issues, regular maintenance should be a top priority. One part of regular maintenance is changing the air filter as per requirements. A couple of reasons, why this is a beneficial practice is because you gain increased Fuel Efficiency, in light of that studies have indicated that air filter change in older cars can result to, increase in fuel mileage of up to 14%. In addition to that, changing a clogged air filter can also increase acceleration by 6-11%. The second benefit is reduced Emissions. An environmental friendly motive which will also help in the reduction of fuel consumption.

Some of the main features of this product are that it’s universal, meaning it can be used in all cars, it’s easily washable and has an efficient fuel economy.

Also known as (Air Compressor, Volant Air Intake Filter, Cold Air Intake Filter)




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