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Sehgalmotors.Pk Perfume Card

Only One Card is Send With One Order, Customer Cant Order More Than One Card.

We all want to keep our cars neat and clean. Once we buy a new car we want it to stay brand new, without a scratch or stain. We also like to make sure that our car is always presentable and user- friendly. So in order to do all that, we go and get car care accessories. You might get a car wrap to protect your car's paint and to make it look stylish. Consequently you might get seat covers to make sure that your car seats stay in tip top shape, stainless and clean as they were. And your dashboard is covered with a Dashmat. You're probably thinking, that's all you need, however you're missing one small, little thing and that is the Perfume Card. As mentioned before, apart from your car looking good, it needs to smell pleasant and that's exactly what this perfume card does.  It comes in yellow colour which will suit any car, with the logo and it's a hanging perfume card.

The product is also known as (Fragrance Card, Car Fragrance, Car Scent Cards)


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