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Redline Nano 9H Ceramic Diamond Coating 

Protection Upto 24 Months

Glass and Ceramic Coating is very popular in protecting you car paint nowadays. Diamond coating is new and the most long lasting coating now adays. It make paint surface Protected from scratches, fire and makes it hydrophobic which is water repellent also known as water proof  coating. Redline Nano 9H Ceramic Diamond Coating is similar to glass coating and ceramic coating but inexpensive and ready to use directly by any user. No special expertise required. Application is very easy.

It is also known as Glass coating in Pakistan, Glass coating in Lahore, Best Glass Coating, Best ceramic coating in Pakistan, Water repellent chemical, paint protection, 9h coating etc 

Use included sponge for application. Put Step 1 Coating Drops as required and Start applying on Single Part of car eg, Hood, Door, Roof, Panel or Trunk.
After 2 Hours Apply Step 2 following the same procedure.

Start Applying in Horizontal direction. Then Apply evenly in Vertical Direction

After Application use wipes or microfiber cloth on surface to make even and minimizing the swirls created by coating.

After plating considerations; do not touch the paint surface as much as possible after plating to avoid affecting the final plating effect. It takes 24 hours for the plating agent to fully integrate with the paint to form the final paint protection layer. Do not wash the vehicle within one week after plating.

We recommend you to buy this unique product which will protect your car paint. User must apply it properly for best results. Company will not be responsible if the application is wrong. 

for best results watch our DIY video. You can always order online and get it delivered at your door step by cash on delivery service. This product has no warranty nor any guarantee or any sort of return or exchange policy. 

1. Wrap the cloth aeound the sponge & apply 4 drops of coating
2. Apply in straight lines, First horizontally and  then vertically to an area about 1/2 the size of the hood. Make sure to apply 1-2 drops whenever the sponge feels dry or you can't see any product being applied to the surface.
3. Immediately after buff the surface gently in circular motions with the microfibre cloth. We recommend folding the cloth and using one side for the first stage of an initial buffing and then other side of the cloth for a more through buffing
Pre - Treatment
In order to achieve the best result, it's important that the surface is completely clean and dry. Wash the car surface thoroughly and rinse with water. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe the surface completely dry.

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