Honda City 5D Trunk Mat - Model 2008-2021 | Cargo Boot Liner Diggi Protection Tray Cover

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Honda City 5D Trunk Mat - Model 2015-2017

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a used car, you understand how proper vehicle condition and cleanliness make a good impression. But have you ever noticed that a vehicle with a spotlessly clean, immaculate trunk or cargo area tends to really stand out in your mind? Sure, you can shampoo and vacuum the cargo area of a vehicle that’s seen its share of abuse – but there really is no way to fake the look of a trunk area that’s always been kept clean and scratch-free from the start.

Logically, in the overall scheme of things, condition of a trunk area shouldn’t make a huge difference. Nevertheless, it still does. A “showroom condition” cargo area increases vehicle value well beyond its functionality, because it speaks of a much higher level of vehicle care. If previous owners took the trouble to preserve a cargo area, they more than likely took above-average care of the rest of the car. It’s hard to deny that an immaculately-preserved cargo area ends up being a tie-breaker when choosing between two otherwise similar vehicles.

In reality, we all know that keeping a cargo or trunk area clean and spotless is no easy feat. All it takes is one accident while hauling any kind of dirty or wet debris, and you’ve got a permanent stain that never fully comes out. Looking closely at OEM factory materials used to line trunks and cargo areas of vans and SUVs, we wonder if designers and decision-makers at car companies ever carry winter tires or construction material? Why are these floor coverings more like Velcro than carpet, and why are they built with materials that collect dirt like a magnet? Why are they so difficult to clean? Perhaps those designers in question never loaded anything into anything because they were chauffeur-driven and had contractors do all the household work.
In reality, we all know that keeping a cargo or trunk area clean and spotless is no easy feat. That’s why we offer fitted cargo liners and mats made from vinyl, rubber, and carpeting in a variety of styles and patterns to suit every need. We’ve even got padded cargo liners for pets!
Superior cargo liners are easy to remove and have a surface that’s easy to clean. They’re custom-shaped to fit the floor of your exact car or truck – covering every inch whether a vehicle has an enclosed trunk or an open rear tailgate area. Within the Cargo Liners & Trunk mats section of our website, we’ve got fitted liners and mats made from vinyl, rubber, and carpeting in a variety of styles and patterns. We’ve even got padded cargo liners for pets.

When visiting a specific item, you’ll notice a Product Options drop down box on the right. There, you’ll be prompted to enter make, model, and year. For vans, SUVs, or wagons you may be asked to specify if they are equipped with two or three rows of seats. After answering, any size or color choices for your specific vehicle will become visible. For example, there may be a choice of liners fitted to cover a larger, more complete area behind second row seats as well as smaller liners designed to fit behind third row seats only. Some liners may be equipped with cut-outs that allow a rear seat to be mounted above it. In this article, we’ll discuss features and differences of cargo liners and mats we sell.

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