Car 6L Portable Fridge Cool Box White Black

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Portable Fridge Cool Box 6 Liters

Many people nowadays are traveling to other cities or on long routes with friends or families. While traveling, many people crave for snacks and want some drinks, juices or water. But, the hot and scorching heat of the sun turns their temperature high and many people because of their high temperature don't drink and waste them. Many people face this problem and are willing to find a solution to this problem. They hardly find some portable car refrigerators but they are very expensive in the local market and made up of cheap quality. We, at SehgalMotors.PK have a solution to this problem for you which is called a Portable Fridge Cool Box 6 Liters. This can also be called a 'car refrigerator', 'car fridge' or a 'car cool box'.
The features are:
Arm Rest: It has a part of it as a cushion, which you can use as an armrest.
Hot and Cool Functions: It has both hot and cool functions. It has a button which is located on the front side of it, which is used to shift the refrigerator between the hot and cool functions.
It cools and heats the things, not freezes: Many people have a misconception that if it is used at the 'cool' it comes to a point where it starts freezing the things put in it but it's not like that it just cools up the thing and does not freeze them.
Cigarette Lighter Knob Operated: It basically comes with a wire which has to be inserted in the cigarette lighter knob to turn the refrigerator on.
12V operated: It needs 12V current to work.
6 Liters Capacity: It has a capacity of 6 Litres. You can put tins in it.
Cup Holders: It has 2 cup holders on the top of it.
It gets a belt through which you can install it yourself at home. A very useful product.

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