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Password Protected Steering Lock

Car theft is a major issue these days. Unfortunately many prey on lone cars in order to steal them or anything in them. Hence many people try a number of security mechanisms in order to safeguard their cars. Some of those methods can be costly, thus many people might not be able to afford them. However, we at, caring about your safety bring Password Protected Steering Lock. It's a paddle to steering, password operated lock. It's significance is that instead of a key it has a number combination lock system. Installing it is very easy, you can lock via break or clutch. It's made of steel and gives you ease of access as now you don't have to carry keys. All you have to do is enter a 5 digit number combination. First, you have to feed the 5 digit combination. And later on, if you wish to change the password, you can. It's an ideal utility product. Order now!

Also known as (Crook Lock, Gari Password Lock, Gari Lock, Steering Lock, Clutch Lock)

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