PVC Super Glossy Panoramic Black Wrap Per Sq Ft - G5501 (270 ft Roll )

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Panoramic Super Glossy Black Wrap Per Sq Ft

 The perfect accessory to beautify your car and to give it a classy look. Check out the amazing Panoramic Super Glossy Black wrap to enhance your car's style and design. The car wraps offered by SehgalMotors.PK comes in various designs and colours, and they are versatile/universal to fit any car. In addition to that they are removable and will not damage the genuine paint while or after removal. Moreover, the car wraps are weather-resistant, thus their quality and appearance will not be affected due to weather changes. These wraps protect your car from depreciation. To further prevent any chances of susceptibilities, constantly wash your car to remove any harmful agents. Rinse the car and after applying detergents rinse it once more and finally let it dry. Cover your car when not in use.

This product is also known as (Custom Car Wraps, Car Graphics, Vinyl Car Wraps, DIY Car Wraps)

Product Description

  • Permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive

  • Stretchable with heat

  • Conform to contours and bend easily

  • High temperature & water-resistant

  • Can be cleaned with soap and water

Product Specification

  • Item Width: 1.52 m

  • Item Length: 20 m

  • Material Type: PVC

  • Item Diameter: 0.016 cm

  • Self Adhesive: Yes

  • Glue Type: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

  • Air Free:: Yes

SehgalMotors.PK brings you the best quality Panoramic Super Glossy Black Wrap Per Sq Ft that will be the best partner for your car to keep it safe and to give your car an attractive and glossy look as well. Buy your Best Quality Panoramic Super Glossy Black Wrap from our retail outlets and from our online stores which are SehgalMotors.PK.

Rs100 Per Square Ft

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