Maximus Smart QC Quick Fast Red LED Mobile Charger 3.0

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Maximus Smart QC Quick Fast Mobile Charger 3.0 Black | Fast Charger

If you are going on a road trip and you had forgotten your mobile charger to take along with you then it could be big trouble for you. You need a fast-charging device at that time to carry with you. Here we have a solution for this issue by having a fast-charging device for your car. SehgalMotors.PK has the high quality Maximus Smart QC Quick Fast Mobile Charger 3.0 Black | Fast Charger along with white and silver combination too. This is the most amazing product for charging your mobile phones during your road trips. This has a high voltage battery in it that do not cause any harm at your mobile phone while charging it due to over speeding or excessive usage of current.

            This fast car charging device not only used at any place but can be used for up to 12 hours without charging. It can charge up to 3.6 amperes easily and conveniently. All modern mobile phone sockets can be connected easily and conveniently with it. It is 100% original product has high-quality material made with. You can also maximize the charging efficiency that can enhance current flow more efficiently and it quickly charges your phone during the road trip. Through commonly found cables they can transfer higher rate of power with quick charging facility. If your mobile phone and charging sockets have both same amperes of battery, then this will work more efficiently and properly.

Also known as:

  • Fast Car Charging Device
  • Best Car Charging Device


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