Maximus Car Battery Jump Starter Power Bank | Starts a Car 20 Times in One Charge | Mobile Charger

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Maximus Car Battery Jump Starter Power Bank | Starts a Car 20 Times in One Charge | Mobile Charger | Laptop Charger

       Many times you have to go to your offices, colleges or other places urgently, but when you try to start up your car the lights of the cluster go off or if the car makes a cranking sound and doesn't start. This indicates that your car's battery is dead. Sometimes you are going somewhere, you take a stop, park your car and go to a shop. You come back to try to start your car and it doesn't start. And you come to know that the car's battery is dead and you don't have any jump-starting cables, what will you do? That is why we have Maximus Jump Starter Power Bank.

       You are in your car, and using a laptop for important work, and the battery is about to die and you can't recharge your Laptop in your car. What will you do? Your phone's battery is about to die and you don't have any mobile car charger in your car and it's late at night and you're alone, there is no car on the road. What will you do?
You can't do anything, but we, at SehgalMotors.PK has a solution for you which is the 'Maximus Jump Starter Power Bank'. This is a very useful device. It has a combination of Blue and Green. Its capacity is 13,200 mAh.

You can also recharge your mobile phones using this device. It gives an output of 5V for USB Charging. It needs an input of 15V or 1A to charge. The BIG Thing is that you can also start your car using this power bank. This power bank has a kit with it, which includes the cables that have to be connected with the positive and negative terminals of the car's battery and then try to start the car, it will start. You don't need any other car to jump-start your cars now. First asking people for help then arranging the jump-starting cable. Now, this has become easy and hassle-free for you. You can buy these from our outlets and online stores, so rush to the address SehgalMotors.PK 

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