Maximus Multifunctional Pressure Washer Vacuum Cleaner & Dryer

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Maximus Multifunctional Pressure Washer Vacuum Cleaner Dryer

Maximus Multifunctional Pressure Washer Vacuum Cleaner Dryer is very useful car detailing gadget of 2018. The exclusive design has a multi-purpose function which allows you to use it at home and at detailing centers. It has a high pressure 95 bar pressure washer, a high-pressure foam washer, a high-pressure vacuum cleaner, a high-pressure blower, and a high-pressure dryer. Pressure washer: 95 bar pressure washer can be very helpful in washing your car. It has a heating unit built-in which allows water to flow in a steamy wash style which removes dirt and gives a very good washing service which the conventional water pipe does not. Foam washer: you can add any shampoo or chemical for washing liquid in the consisting unit to give your car a foamy blast washing just like in detailing centers. it is very easy to use and apply evenly everywhere. even in the unreachable area of a carVacuum cleaner: also known as a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner which is the most heavy duty vacuum suction yet in the market. it allows you to clean the interior of your car especially upholstery and carpet. it has a filter inside which you can clean after cleaning up the dust inside the car.  High-pressure blower: allows you to blow off all the dust in the engine and other areas you want. it will blow off all dusty areas in your car without damaging anythingDryer allows you to dry the waster in seconds. the high-pressure dryer is a very important feature when it comes to drying engine and body or tiresIt is very user-friendly and easy to use. We recommend you to have this multifunctional car washer for your car to have an all-purpose cleaning tool for interior and exterior. for usage guide and tips you car see our DIY video below. Add this to your cart today and get it delivered at home anywhere in Pakistan by Pakistans largest online store SehgalMotors.PK

Also known as (Car Vacuum Cleaner, Car Washer, Car Dryer, Gari Dhone Wali Machine, Gari Ka Vacuum Cleaner)

3 in 1 compact design high performance Pressure Washer, Vacuum Cleaner and Blower Branded product with 1 year Maximus warranty Easy to use, reliable & authentic product

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