Maximus LED HID Extreme Vision | Super Bright Vision Night Breaker

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Maximus Led HID Extreme Vision

*1 Month Tubes Warranty

Driving on a dark road can be a challenge, and it's more of a challenge if your car's bumper's light are not good or clear enough. The consequences and repercussions of such a circumstance can be dire if not fatal! Hence one of the key elements of road safety is visibility. Upon that realization many countries actually have fine tickets if the bumper lights are broken or are too dim. We at caring about your safety offer you Maximus LED HID Extreme Vision. This product is guaranteed to enhance visibility. Order now!

Also known as (Rally Vision, Xtreme Vision, Racing Vision, Headlight Bulbs)


The product has 1 Month Warranty with Fair Usage!
any Contact with water or repaired or damaged due to heat or water will not cover the warranty.

Technology is COB 6th Generation which is Also Known as C6. Many people think C6 is a company name or a brand, it is a Technology used by many companies making Lamps, LED , or Lights. . just like HID. HID is high intensity discharge lamp. HID is not a company name.Do not Confuse it with the Cheaper version Available which has also a C6 logo printed on its box

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