Maximus Genuine Leather Steering Cover

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Maximus Genuine Leather Steering Cover

In Pakistan, the weather is very hot and the temperature is nearly 50°C and because of this high temperature, the dashboards or the interiors of many cars crack. Sometimes they don't crack because they have a bit soft leather type material and its skin goes off. For protecting that, people put on dashboard carpets but they forget the steering wheels and leave them unprotected and uncovered. But after sometimes, when they leave their cars parked and the heat of the sun reaches the steering wheels, it ruins the skin of it. They then put on the common Tyre shaped steering wheel cover, which are made up of very low quality rexine. Their skins also get melted, or gets teared up after a month or 2. They also don't give a good grip. We have a solution to this problem. It's the Maximus Genuine Leather Steering Cover. As you know, SehgalMotors.PK brings you the best quality products, today we'll tell you that why is this steering cover better than the ones available in the local market. First of all this steering cover is branded and it is also a high quality product. The ones available in the market are not branded. This one is made up of genuine leather but the ones in the local market are made up of rexine. The ones in the local market don't have any kind of warranty, but SehgalMotors.PK gives you 1 year replacement warranty. As you can see in our videos, we have shown the Leather Identification test. Original leather never catches fire or never melts. We had light it up using a cigarette lighter, but it didn't catch fire. This means it's leather and isn't rexine. Civic and City have a problem that their steering wheels skin comes off. Maximus Leather Steering Cover protects it and gives you a good grip.

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