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Maximus Dashboard Mouth Mobile Holder Black | Phone Holder | Mobile Holder | Car Cell Mobile Phone Holder Stand

Mobile phone holder’s uses for holding your telephone during driving at your journey. It is helpful when you are driving and you need to use your phone so you can place your phone in that stand and use it conveniently. Telephone holder in your cars is an efficient way to keep your phone at a reasonable place and use it easily and conveniently. It can easily be fixed at A.C vent and at your dashboard as well.

SehgalMotors.PK always brings you the best things and also now we have this high quality car mobile holder for your cars. It has different colors and sizes according to your convenience and it has adjustable features so you can use it in its best and efficient way. It has sensors in his arms that can sense when you insert your phone at the stand. It has charging wire socket as well that helps you to recharge your phone as well. Its best features make it more demanding and very much attractive for you to buy it. Therefore, during driving, you can easily keep your phone in this holder and you can use it freely as well. So grab your best quality Car Phone Holder from our outlets and from our online stores just log on to SehgalMotors.PK as we have other products including

Maximus mobile holder compatible with all mobile phone sizes Easy to attach with the most premium quality Multifunctional screen and dashboard holder 6 months replacement warranty (no breakage warranty)

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