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Maximus Car Alarm System - Pencil Shape

Product Specifications:


Silent Mode Option


Trunk Release

Panic Siren Sleek And Slim

Wide Signal Range

Replaceable Remotes

Match Central Locking System

Reliable And Durable

Flashing Lights

Shock Impact Alarm

Car theft is a major issue these days. Unfortunately many prey on lone cars in order to steal them or anything in them. Hence many people try a number of security mechanisms in order to safeguard their cars. Some of those methods can be costly, thus many people might not be able to afford them. However, we at, caring about your safety bring Maximus Car Alarm System - Pencil Shape. It's universal in terms of installation, meaning it can be installed in any car. It can significantly reduce the chances of car theft. The features include trunk release by which you can unlock via a press of a button include long range. Moreover you can disarm or arm just by pressing a button. It's a proper alarm system, if someone tries to break in, the alarm will sound. It's durable and waterproof. It also includes LED lights and Shock Alarm Sensors. Order now at

Also known as (Car Central Locking System, Car Alarm System, Car Security System)

MAXIMUS®® Car Alarm Systems With Electro-soldered Pcb Ic

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