Universal Maximus Car Alarm Security System Water Proof Jack Knife

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Honda Maximus Car Alarm Security System Water Proof Jack Knife

In today's world, the number of theft has increased, and mostly the targets are automobiles. Many people get their cars insured due to which they have to pay heavy amounts. But now, we bring to you the Honda Maximus Car Alarm Security System Water Proof Jack Knife. It can be installed in any car. Basically it secures your car, and many thief mainly try to target unsecured vehicles. By installing this device you reduce the chances of your car getting stolen.
The features of the Car Alarm System are:
Arm/Disarm: You can arm or disarm you car just on the press of a button.
Trunk Release: You just have to unlock your car, and press the trunk release button.
Long Range: You can arm, disarm or open the trunk of your car from a long distance.
Shock Impact Alarm: If someone tries to break into your car, the alarm will start sounding.
Anti-Hijack Mode.
Code Hopping.
Durable PCB: Durable PCB means good quality and it has a transparent kit which also has a computerized IC. Many people in market are selling some Car Alarm Systems, in which the wires are soldered with hands and it also has low quality due to which they are cheap.
You should never compromise at security because your cars are worth millions so you should never compromise at quality.
Waterproof: It still works after gettinh wet.
The accessories are:
Remote with Jack-Knife Key: You use it to arm, disarm and release the trunk of your car. Whereas you use its built-in key to start the engine of the car. The key pops out by pressing the silver button on the top.
Shock Impact Alarm Sensor: You have to adjust its senstivity and the alarm starts sounding, when someone tries to break in the car.
Siren Speaker: It plays a sound when you arm or disarm the car.
LED Light: This blinks when the car is armed and turns off when the car is disarmed.

Overall this is a very useful product to keep your vehicle safe.

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