Maximus BlackBox HD DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Camera For Surveillance Video Recording | Car Black Box DVR | With Wide angle Reverse Camera | Right Hand Drive Version For Pakistan Cars

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Maximus BlackBox HD DVR Camera

In today's world there is a new trend of front and rear view cameras and also dashboard cameras. There are many cars which don't come with these pre-installed cameras. And when they visit the local market to get them installed, the prices are quite high, they have to get them installed separately and they also have to get a LCD for the car, which is very expensive and many people can't afford them. Many Chinese LCDs are available with low prices which are of low quality and don't work for more than a month. There is a solution to this problem and it's is called 'Maximus BlackBox HD DVR Camera'. This is basically a Maximus rearview mirror which replaces your pre-installed rear view mirror. Many people in the local market are selling this but those poducts are not branded and are of low quality, they are also more expensive. Maximus is branded and is also of a higher quality with low price. The DVRs available in the local market are for the left hand drive cars because the LCD on them are on the right side which is on the left for right hand drive cars because your eyes need to see the mirror first and then the front or rear view on the LCD. It works same like a Blackbox in Airplane.
Front View Camera: It has a front view camera which shows you the front view and records it. It helps you for parking. Also works as a dash cam.
Rear View Camera: It has a rear view camera which shows you the rear view when you reverse the car.
Night Vision Cameras.
Wide Angle Cameras.
Anti Glare Lens: It prevents the lights to reflect in your eyes.
SD Card Supported 
6 months warranty.
Recording: Records the conversations of people sitting in the car. It is also used for surveillance.
HD 1080p
If your car is Driven by friends, driver or Uber, This is an ultimate product for surveillance which is much needed when you need recording cameras for Security or Tourism. It is also known as Gopro camera, Hero camera, Dvr camera, Video recording camera, Car camera, Hidden camera, Security camera, CCTV camera, Front screen camera, Sports camera, Center mirror camera, rear view mirror camera , car LCD.

• 6 months LCD warranty • SD Card Supported • Full HD 1080P Result

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