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Maximus Android Phone Fast Charging Cable Leather

You're driving your car, halfway to your destination you realize that your phone's battery is low! Probably a facepalm moment. However, that situation wouldn't have bothered you had you bought Maximus Maximus Android Phone Fast Charging Cable Leather. It's a super fast USB charging cable, and it comes in a metal body and so it won't get damaged easily. The particular product is available in a variety of colors and materials, specifically, metal black, chocolate brown leather, orange leather, and in denim jeans material. The cable is compatible with Android, IOS and Type-C. In addition to all that, it comes with a one year warranty. Do not compromise on USB cables! Order now at

Also known as (Car Charger, Gari Cable, Charge Cable, Charging Wali Taar, Gari Ka Charger)

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