Honda Civic Side Mirror Chrome Trim - Model 2016-2021 MA001581

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Honda Civic Side Mirror Chrome – Model 2016-2017


The most obvious purpose of any type of lighting system on a vehicle is to increase the driver’s ability to see, particularly while driving at night or in adverse weather conditions. Some drivers suffer from nyctalopia, or what is more commonly known as night blindness, and many original equipment manufacturer (OEM) headlamps simply do not create enough light for individuals with this condition. Even drivers with good night vision can have trouble seeing with low-quality lighting. Instead of driving around with the high beams on at all times, drivers who wish to increase their visibility should consider upgrading their headlamps. Whether for dark nights or bad weather, one of the following car lighting accessories could be just what such drivers are looking for.

  The next step up from OEM incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs have become the standard for headlamp bulb replacement. They burn much brighter than incandescent bulbs do, and they are generally considered to be a worthy upgrade. However, because of the sensitivity of their internal design, halogens are more susceptible to weather damage than other high-end bulb types. To overcome this limitation, halogen bulbs are available with special weatherproof coatings.
  High-Intensity Discharge Xenon light uses a special chemical reaction to mimic the intensity of sunlight. The superhot gas that burns within these bulbs will increase visibility dramatically, making HID Xenon bulbs ideal for any driver who suffers from night blindness or just wants a better view of the road.
  Fog lamps are typically mounted low and at an angle that better illuminates the road directly in front of the vehicle, giving the driver a better view of the road through fog, rain, and other adverse weather. Fog lights are the perfect car lighting accessories for drivers living in areas prone to these types of weather conditions

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