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Honda Civic Utility package 

On a hot, sunny day your car absorbs so much heat that your able to fry an egg on it! It’s not only unpleasant but also causes various kinds of discomforts, from sizzling hot car doors and handles to breathing vexation. The solution? Well you might ask, is this very product. “Honda Civic Utility package ”. This complete pack includes everything that will keep your car cool, from sun shades to car top cover,
Package Includes


Honda Civic Custom Floor Mat Black and Red - Model 2016-2020

Maximus Large Non Woven Scratchproof Waterproof Car Top Cover - Large Sedan Size

Mini BMW Portable Car Ashtray For Smokers with LED | Auto Cigarette Smoke Cup Holder Ash Tray For Car Smokeless Ashtrays Car Accessories | Car Ashtray Cigarette Smoke Holder Portable Storage Black Trash Bin Dust Garbage For Car Interior Accessories Auto Ashtray

Honda Civic Side Sunshade / Sun Shades with Logo - Model 2017-2020

Maximus Professional Grade Microfiber Cloth – Multi

Honda Civic 7D Trunk Mat - Model 2016-2020 | Trunk Boot Liner | Cargo Mat Floor Tray | Trunk Protection Mat | Trunk


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