Honda City Replacement Key Shell– Model 2008-2014

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Honda City Replacement Key – Model 2008-2014.


In AX 2012, a surrogate key is the auto-generated primary key for a table in the database. The surrogate key is linked to the already existing RecId field within any table. This means that the surrogate key is a unique 64-bit integer value that is mandatory for the table and cannot be changed or have duplicates. The fact that it is a 64-bit integer (int64) value means table operations normally perform faster than other types of field such as string fields. This is the main strength of surrogate keys.


While a surrogate key is great for lookup and database performance, it is not useful for the end user because it gives no indication of the table’s purpose, or what related tables it is linked to. For this reason AX 2012 has added the ‘Replacement Key’ index property for tables. The replacement key index is a dropdown of alternate keys that have been specified for the table. There can be any number of alternate keys for a table but only a single replacement key. More than one field can be specified under a replacement key, and it is these fields that will be displayed to the end user on a form instead of the surrogate key field.


A table can have any number of alternate keys. An alternate key may be a natural key or a single field primary key used in foreign or primary key relations with other tables. In either case, to set one, the user must create a new index and then set AllowDuplicates to “No” and AlternateKey to “Yes”. If AllowDuplicates is not set to “No” then AlternateKey should be greyed out and uneditable.


AutoIdentification is one of the system field groups for a table. If a replacement key is set this table will auto-populate with the field(s) specified in the replacement key index only if the ‘AutoPopulate’ property is set for the AutoIdentification field group. Otherwise, the fields can be dragged manually into the field group.

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