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Honda Car Dashboard And AC Grill Clock

Time is precious, this thing is very important to consider now a day as time ran very fast and it is very important to catch it as it goes beyond your approaches. The use of the clock is a very old concept and it is a necessary item to know about what time is it. Now a unique car system has very stylish and unique designed clocks that suit your car’s class up to a high standard. SehgalMotors.PK providing you high quality best ever Honda Car Dashboard And AC Grill Clock having great features and style as well. It is made of a glass material having a black ABS shell, a glass mirror and having very tough stainless steel body as well.

While setting time a rear cover is placed which you need to remove for changing time as the time changing Knob is inserted inside the clock. It is of small size can be easily pasted on a car, desk, table, boat or ship as it has double-sided adhesive sticking features of high quality. It has an LED lighting feature in it having 12 hours’ battery timings and it is needless and having 12-time points. As you can use it for reading as it has such a high density of light to study anything easily. You must put this clock in daylight so that it will give a great glow to you at night time. These clocks are of small size and the electronic system in these clocks

Also known as:

  • Car Dashboard Clock
  • Mini Car Clock
  • Digital Clock For Car In Pakistan
  • Best Car Clock
  • Digital Clock For Car Dashboard In Pakistan
  • Classic Car Clock

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