Spring Style Car Dashboard Glass Holder Multi | High Quality New Universal Auto Car Vehicle Blue Drink Bottle Cup Holder | Universal Drink Cup Holder,Phone Holder Fits for Car, Boat, Truck, Holds Beer, Coffee, Wine Glass

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Glass Holder Red

While drinking plenty of water in a day has plenty of health benefits, drinking unsafe and impure water can turn fatal. We often can’t rely on the water sources regarding the purity and hygiene. Moreover, easy access to safe drinking water on the roadside is perhaps, still a distant dream for many of us around the world. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we carry our own water wherever we go. Water not only keeps us hydrated but also flushes out the toxins from our body. Often, due to the fear of spillage and space issues, we avoid taking water in our car and have to drink any kind of water available at hand. In this scenario a car bottle holder can prove to be a godsend. Now, with a car bottle holder you can carry lots of water bottles with safe drinking water in your car, and thus stay hydrated during your entire road trip. Early Bottle Holders When we look at the past, the history of automobile interior designing has been one of incorporating nonessential features that became indispensable. These enhancements are gradually making our vehicles more comfortable to travel in. We can easily take the example of the car bottle holders. The early bottle holders could be the tray that hooked on to the partially rolled-up window of the cars in the drive-in restaurants. But unfinished drinks often meant either leaving them behind of holding them gingerly in one’s hands and hoping they won’t spill. The carmakers came up with the idea of adding grooved depressions to the glove compartment door of the cars, like those on airplane tray tables. But it could hardly keep the bottles and cans from sliding when the roads get particularly bumpy. Then people started carrying them in pocket-like compartments of their cars, but it lead to cramping of the already limited space of a car and reduced the leg room. When the first true bottle holders were launched in the market, they were primitive and garish in design, as well as non-integral to the car’s design. Nowadays, you can find bottle holders that are more ergonomically designed to make carrying water bottles and cans easier and less space consuming. Types of Car Bottle Holders With the advent of time the design for car bottle holders gradually changed. Today, the car bottle holders are usually retrofitted into armrests, dashboards and other less mobile parts of a vehicle. There are many types of car bottle holders available in the market, including folding bottle holders, large beverage bottle holders, bottle-N-can bottle holders and twin bottle holders. Buy Car Bottle Holders Online If you are wondering where you might find these useful devices, then you can take a look at the online shopping sites. These e-commerce platforms have a large repertoire of car bottle holders from various brands in different designs, materials and colors.

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