Full Titanium Burnt Tip Exhaust Silencer Muffler Tip

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Full Burnt Titanium Tip

Exhaust Performance benefits

There are four main areas where an exhaust system benefits the vehicle. The first two, consisting of sound and style, are largely cosmetic. The second two, consisting of horsepower and fuel economy, affect the power and cost of operating the vehicle.

Improved Sound

An aftermarket exhaust system sounds stronger and more powerful than most stock systems. This is because manufacturers use slightly larger pipes that are usually made out of stronger materials, like stainless steel. This produces a deep, throaty roar that makes an engine sound louder than it truly is. Even a single exhaust axle back system provides improved sound.

Improved Style

Stock exhaust systems provide the basic function of taking dirty air out of the engine, but they do not do it with a lot of style. Aftermarket parts improve the style performance of the exhaust. Whether it is shiny aluminized steel or glossy 304 stainless steel made with chromium, these parts improve the look of the vehicle. Dual exhaust systems, for example, make a normal car look and sound like a racing car.

Improved Horsepower

A high performance exhaust system helps rid the engine of dirty air. This means the engine is able to draw more air inside with each cycle. In turn, this increases torque; the raw power of the engine, as well as horsepower; a measure of how rapidly an engine accelerates. Many exhaust system also include mandrel bends, which allow the exhaust to suck the air of the engine without any kinks in the line. This also magnifies the effectiveness of the exhaust system.

Improved Fuel Economy

Buying an expensive after market dual header back exhaust system costs a lot up front, but over time buyers recoup most of the expense through higher fuel economy. A high-grade exhaust systems help maintain optimal air levels inside the engine, which in turn reduces its need for extra fuel to compensate for dirty air levels. In fact, replacing the exhaust system increases fuel economy around 1 or 2 percent.

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