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Formula 1 Interior Detailer Cleaner

Want to clean your car thoroughly, stuck with the places to clean having small size vents in your car, don’t worry we have a solution for you. SehgalMotors.PK has the Formula 1 Interior Detailer Cleaner for you to clear small size vents in your car. This dust cleaner is made of gel that absorbs dust and other stain or particles from the surfaces where your hands cannot be reached properly. Cars air conditioners and dashboards can be easily cleaned by using this gel dust cleaner. They do not make your hands dusty and bacteria’s do not harm you.

Cleanliness is as important as compulsory to keep not at your home but everything belongs to us must be kept neat and clean. Brushes are used for cleaning of dust from furniture or other things like cars as well. There are different types and designs of brushes available for cleaning purpose. Cleaning of cars is compulsory as its small A.C ducts suck dust from outside.

It is made of benzoic acid and boric acid that has sticky features and dust absorbing facility too. It is durable to use for long term usage. It is free from any dangerous material for human skin so you can conveniently use to it clean your car air conditioner and can go to the small ducts even to clean them properly where your hands cannot easily be reached properly. This Gel Dust cleaner works as tissue papers to clean dust and dirt particles from your car.

Also known as:

  • Foam Cleaner for cars
  • Cars Foam cleaner
  • Foam car dust Cleaner

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