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Detailing Brush 3 Way | Car Detail Tools Brush Long Durable 2 In 1 Double Slider Car Air-conditioner Outlet Window Clean Brush Auto Cleaning Accessories

Brush are used for cleaning out your car from inside when too much dust and dirt makes your car unable to sit. Detailing brush 3 way is the most amazing and unique invention in terms of cleaning your car completely. It has 3 different brushes in different sizes that are made according to the spaces of car products to clean them efficiently. From inside and outside, the detailing 3-way brush cleans very neatly. It is made of micro fibres that has dust absorbing features and can be cleaned easily after using them. has the best quality Detailing brush 3-way with affordable prices having discounts as well.

Between your buttons, knobs and small crevices it can reach easily and make a perfect clean there. It can easily go deeply inside an A.C vent of your car. It also has scrubbing feature to remove stains from your hard body portions in your car like dashboard, staring, front glass etc. Its fibres are very soft they clean the stains very smoothly and the cloth fabric it has on its other end is also very soft and efficient to use. These brushes can be used wet as they can absorb water and clean more neatly. The towel fabric at one end absorbs water or other liquids from your car and dries the place very efficiently. Your car mats that get a lot of dust can be easily cleaned with this detailing brush. SehgalMotors.PK have other products related these including Maximus Car Big Duster and Wash Brush | Dusting for Car | Microfiber Expandable Wet & Dry Use Duster.

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