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Bullsone Extreme Rain Repellent For Side View Mirror


Provides super rain-repellent coating exclusively made for automotive side-view mirrors (prevents against condensation), preventing from visual obstacles and diffused reflection, dust, dirt and adhesives.

  • Nanoscale silica forms rain repellent layer (invisible tiny bumps) on the surface, makes the rain bounces off immediately.
  • Works the same when car is at 0km/h, providing superior rain repellent effects (prevents against condensation), consequently removes obstacle caused by rain and diffuse reflection.
  • Super tiny rain repellent films will protect the mirror not only from the rain but adhesive dirt and dust to provide clearer vision.


  • Remove water or dirt on side mirror before use. If any water repellent & hydrophilic
    coating products were used on the mirror before, ensure to eliminate the existing coating film by using glass cleaner or oil remover.
  • When the mirror’s surface is dried, spray from the left hand side to the right thoroughly for 2 seconds. If sprayed on the areas around the mirror, wipe using a wet towel or cotton immediately before it dries out and get stained.
  • Wait for about 2 minutes until the applied product fully dries out. (waiting time may
    differ to the weather condition or temperature)

  • Note: Ensure not to touch the mirror with hand or get moisturized.

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