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Bullsone Body Crystal Coat


Crystal Series Step 3

  • Provides and keeps brand-new, deep original gloss of the painted surface of the vehicle..
  • Repeats application and creates layer-by-layer coating for long lasting gloss.
  • By smoothing the painted surface evenly, Crystal Coat creates high-water repellent effect preventing the adhesion and penetration of contaminants & maintaining the paint’s luster.
  • Easy-to-use with even little waters on the surface.
  • Provided a specially designed chamois cloth for Crystal Coat.


  • After car wash, remove big water drops on the body surface.(Remaining small drops of water on the car surface make no matter when applying “Crystal coat”. It is one of key features)
  • Shake well before use.
  • Adjust the locker to ‘Open’.
  • In sections of 20×20 ㎠, spray 1 or 2 times moderately. Rub gently with the provided special superfine cloth.
    * May spray product on the provided special superfine cloth and apply on car surface.
    * For the best performance and durability, highly recommend using Bullsone ‘Crystal Car Shampoo™’ for car wash and ‘Crystal Cleanser™’ for removing fine scratch, swirls.
  • The provided special superfine cloth in wet conditions may cause stains. Use again after it gets dry.
  • After coating, some stains occur on the applied surface. Apply again following above the instructions.

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