Car PPF PVC 6.5MIL Transparent Glossy Wrap Protector RF | Paint Protection Film

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Maximus Auto Repair Car Wrapping Per Sq Ft

A vehicle vinyl wrap depicts the car post-retail practice of totally or in part covering a vehicle's unique paint with a vinyl wrap of an alternate shading, and here and there a similar shading with a contrasting completion like a shine, matte or clear defensive layer. Different terms used to allude to vehicle vinyl wrap are vehicle wrap, paint wrap, shading change wrap, vehicle illustrations, and paint security film.

SehgalMotors.PK brings you the best quality Maximus Auto Repair Car Wrapping which is best for your car repairing through the wrapping.  Vinyl producer Kay Premium Marking Films (KPMF) was approached to create a film to be utilized instead of paint to change over autos into taxis. As of now, German taxi organizations were legally necessary to paint their armadas in administration commanded shading, beige.

Shading change vinyl wraps, paint shading coordinating vinyl wraps, and overlaminates developed to incorporate mind-boggling and inventive realistic structures and propelled hues. Metallic, chrome, shading moving and even vinyl wraps that match OEM paint code hues are accessible. You can buy these things from our outlet and through our Online store SehgalMotors.Pk also.

Please read the Wrapping & PPF Terms and Conditions before booking and purchasing.SehgalMotors.PK only sale wraps, PPF and vinyl rolls which are Made in China.
There is no guarantee or warranty of any wrap or Paint protection film PPF at all. 
SehgalMotors.PK do not hold or own any responsibility of Wraps quality or it's application on Car after effects.
The customer is purchasing and applying the product at his own risk.We do not hold responsible for color change or any legal violations. 
Company will not entertain any issue caused by wraps on paint or any accident which can happen during Installation.
All labor and installation services are outsourced and are available to facilitate customers. We do not hold and guarantee or responsibility about the team or the wrap or PPF.
Dust particles, scratches and bubbles or tearing off the wrap from edges is a part of wrapping process. Customer will not claim any thing legally or illegally or hold up company as responsible for the act.
Customer is purchasing wrap or PPF at his own risk. Customer will bear all consequences and he is only responsible if any thing happen to wrap after applying. Company will not be responsible for anything and customer cannot not claim any issue after that and neither will take any legal action regarding it. Once applied customer cannot not demand for any refund or exchange incase any wear and tear, pealing off, dust particles or bubbles appear in wrap. No refund will be granted.

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