Car Security Anti Theft Wheel Tire Tyre Clamp Lock

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Anti Theft Car Wheel Tyre Lock Clamp

Simple and fashion design, fully protective and practical.
Made of high quality Stainless steel alloy
Easy installation, easy to place and use with good touching as well as beautiful looking.

1.Senior car steering wheel lock,ensure the safety of the car
2.Easy to operate, easy to lock, without the need to use the key, directly to the lock on the steering wheel position, pull open to support the steering wheel will not loose on the.
3.when the lock, with the key to open, the lock will be able to shrink back.

Product Specification

Item Type: Fastener & Clip

  • Brand Name: Wheel Clamp
  • Model Name: Wheel Lock
  • You might try a little education first: explain that her efforts are a waste of time and energy.

    The steering will lock anyway should anyone try to move the car without the key in the ignition. Any movement of the steering mechanism, whether at the wheel or the front tires when the key has been removed, will release a spring-loaded lever – causing it to engage a slot and lock the mechanism. That is what is happening when she moves the wheel.


    There is little likelihood that she will damage the system, which will long outlast her efforts. But that habit is compounding the issue because it makes it more difficult for whoever drives the car following her to release the locking mechanism. They, too, have to exert pressure to the system and move the steering wheel to release the lock.

    That, added to the strain she puts on the system, I suppose, could eventually create some wear on the locking mechanism.

    My dad followed the same practice. We lived in a fairly rural area where there were no taxis, let alone public transportation, and the car was essential for him to get to work. Only later did I realize the folly, and cost, of that scheduled trade-in approach.

    I can recall four cars we owned during my years at home. All “factory-recommended” service was performed by the dealer on schedule and there was never a single major repair issue, so perhaps he was on to something. But there was a reason for the lengthy list of folks waiting for his trade-in.

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