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Aim Radiator Long Life Coolant – 1L

The Aim Brand’s Radiator Coolant, is a versatile product applicable to all cars. The Aim Radiator Coolant is based on OEM standards and it’s quality is displayed in the fact that it is Anti-Corrosion, so it can repel any corrosive agent. It is also Anti-Heat and so it gives an anti-heat component to the radiator keeping it cool, consequently it’s also Anti-freeze to make sure that radiator keeps on going. To add onto all that, this  particular coolant additive is anti-rust as well, making sure that your radiator remains in tip-top quality and condition. The Aim brand ensures that all it’s products are of top quality, keeping your vehicle in top quality aswell. Available in both 1L and 2L.

This product is also known as (Anti-Freeze, Coolant Additive, Radiator Coolant)

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