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Hyundai Shehzore

Hyundai Shehzore 2014-2018 car is a pickup truck of front-wheel,  front-engine drive truck. In different regions of the world, it has different names like Hyundai HR, Hyundai Dodge H-100 and Hyundai Porter as well. The pickup cars available in the local market are not better than this car as its features and specifications are better than others. Its features include fog lights of dual standard in a circular shape, small grilles in a rectangular shape, circular headlights at front end houses, a standard flatbed case and side-swept taillights at rear end houses in rectangular style. In its interior finishing trim pieces of black plastic is used. a stereo speaker system, pure fabric, and leather seats made this car more comfortable and decent. It has 2.4 liters Inline-4 Diesel and 2.6 liter Inline-4 Diesel along with 5-speed Manual Transmission. An average of up to 8 KM/L is the estimated driving range of Shehzore with almost 60- liter fuel tank exceeding the range of up to 480 KM. 

In Pakistan, this car is highly affordable for those people who use to travel at miles distances along with carrying the bulk of luggage with them. It's comfortable seats and the best features make it more reliable for people to use for long routes. There are many of the places available here who use to cell Hyundai Shehzore accessories and products to keep its working efficiency and safe but the quality delivered by SehgalMotors.PK is unbeatable in terms of quality and reasonable prices as well. We have all the main things that complete its security concerns and made it more secure and comfortable for use. We have Hyundai Shehzore Maximus Premium Silicone Wiper Blades - Model 2004 - 2017, Hyundai Shehzore Maximus 200W HID 6000 Lumens - Model 2004 - 2017, Hyundai Shehzore Maximus Non-Woven Scratchproof Waterproof Top Cover - Model 2004 - 2017, Hyundai Shehzore Maximus Led HID Extreme Vision - Model 2004 - 2017. All these products you can have from our cash and carry store and from our website which is SehgalMotors.PK.  

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