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Honda Grace 

Honda Grace 2018-2019 is an innovative sedan compact having a platinum-plated front grille having solid wing Face design having an optional LED headlight along with alloy wheel of five-spoke feature and on rear ends equipped with chrome accents. It has more including piano black trim, eight-audio speaker and has soft-touch plastic as well. It has all the specs that make it the best choice for you. It has 1496 cc Engine Capacity, 4-cylinder In-line DOHC, 13.5 Compression Ratio, having fuel consumption 34.4 km.l, 7-speed (A) Fuel Consumption, Front-wheel drive type, Automatic Climate Control, smart key access system and leather branding, the engine power of Honda Grace is 97 kW at 6600 rev/min having highest torque, automatic air conditioning system, energy-efficient Atkison cycle along with gasoline engine in its hybrid system, dual-clutch having robotized transmission of speed seven,  160 Nm and of 30 hp electric Motor integration, Six airbags, LED lights, front-and-wheel drive, automatic braking, having huge demand in the market, It features made it a luxurious car and hence it dedicates much to it in terms of making it more efficient and attractive for people to get it highly satisfied for the consumers. All these features are making this car the best car to buy and add it to your collection. It's half a liter more gasoline consumption nature is recorded in Hybrid car of Honda Grace. 

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