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Honda CR-V

With an SUV body design, Honda CR-V uses the Honda Civic platform. Slotting between larger Honda Pilot and smaller Honda HR-V the CR.V is the utility vehicle of Honda having mid-range. Here CR-V Stands for Comfortable Runabout Vehicle. It was Honda's first in-house designed sport utility vehicle that they had introduced in the 1995-2001 era. It was made with the best ever engine and other features making it best for the users and the perfect partner for road riders. It is made safe for people as it has passengers airbags and for drivers as well. Its body structure is made of good material that has tough resistance capacity in order to make the passengers and driver secure in terms of receiving any accident on roads. Its designing and styling make people love it a lot and because of its features, people like to have it for rides. Its engine capacity is up to 184 hp with 1-4 liter and 2.4 Earth Dreams Its engine delivers peak torque at 2000 rpm 0 5000 rpm as they are turbocharged engines. They also have equipped with CVT transmissions. Up to the levels of comparable gasoline engines they use an open deck cylinder block upon aluminum cylinder head paired in order to decrease mechanical friction with thinner piston and shorter skirts. The motor Trend SUV of the year name was assigned to it due to its extraordinary functionings and working. 

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