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Perfume Cards & Hangings

Card perfumes for cars

A unique mixture of different essential oils having fragrances in it or some aroma compounds provides a refreshing fragrance to the body on which they are applied are known as perfumes. A pleasant scent is being transferred to the object where it is sprayed. Different essential oils have different fragrances that are converted in different forms so that they can be utilized by the human being to make themselves and their atmosphere around them refreshed and full of fragrances. They are available in liquid form and in spray bottles as well. SehgalMotors.PK introduces Perfume cards for cars that will keep the bad odor from cars out and keep the atmosphere of car good. We have different card perfumes that can easily be hanged into your car to get your car refreshed. We have Coffee Beans Perfume Hanging, iPhone hanging perfume, Dice hanging perfume, Armor All Air Freshening Scent, Aeron Sport Lux, Aeron Dry Smile Bubble Gum, Kenco Tree Geen apple, Elite Class Hanging Card, Aim Smiley Air freshener, Apple Perfume, Bullson Sun Visor, Racing Gel Perfume, Custom Hanging Perfume cards, and many other Air fresheners, having different fragrances along with long-lasting results. You can buy from our stores or can book your order online on our website SehgalMotors.PK. 

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