Performance Accessories

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Uni Chip

The modern engine technology is in action nowadays in motor vehicles. The petrol engines or turbo types of diesel use fewer fuels but delivers more power as they have more efficient in working. The Engine Control Unit is inserted in the smart motor vehicles now days that have American, German or modern technology from Europe that connects the whole body of your motor vehicle having kilometers of wiring inside it that connects engine to the central point and connects different sensors than ever before in the most modern technology of automobiles introduced now days. In order to make your car to perform differently, you can reprogram your ECU and you can remap it as well in order to provide enthusiast’s performance to your cars. SehgalMotors.PK introducing you a variety of advance Unichips that makes your car efficiency better and improved. 
And if you would like to improve your car performance according to your want you can give the command to your ECU system. Without touching anything else you can transform your engine control unit as it receives signals from the engine and sends it to sensors after translating every single signal that it receives. All at the same time the Unichip can monitor, boost the engine performance and as well as an injector the performance along with increasing fuel pressure. It can also have the ability to manage the ignition as well. Every time you step up on the throttle you will get repeatable power engine having a safe and repeatable system. 

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