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Body Cladding

Body cladding

Body cladding is the effort that makes your car more attractive and more protected. It is a plastic-based tape injected or molded in different colors like black, gray and some more natural colors that completely surrounds the vehicle's lower part as it is molded at body side. It is fixed at your car doors in order to protect your doors and as well as gives a unique look to your doors. It can also be placed on the front and backside of your car. It has different designs as well according to your car design or model. SehgalMotors.PK has Toyota Fortuner and of Toyota Hilux Rivo body cladding made of chromium material.

Body cladding of your car provides an efficient look to your car along with making it more attractive and secure as well. Body cladding is also known as Car side cladding is that service which not only becomes beneficial for your car's doors safety but also enhances its look well-groomed. The best Body Cladding in Pakistan is offered to you by SehgalMotors.PK in best affordable prices with high-quality material for cladding prepared of fiber or AVS plastic for sure. 

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