LED & Lightening Accessories

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Different Flasher Lights

For those who want to buy Police Lights or Emergency Lights, we have made it so that they can find high quality products in our inventory of SehgalMotors.PK.

As we know these lights mean business, cause there must be some emergency that you need to light them up, so they are guaranteed to throw beams of red, blue and even white streams all over the place to let people know that you need to go to or reach some place in a hurry. The products in this category that we have put up are Revolving Lights (4 Magnets) in Blue Color, Revolving Warning Lights (Single Magnet) in Blue Color, both previous items in different styles and sizes, continuing the list with Extreme Heavy Duty Dashboard Police Lights, Police Flashers for Dashboard, Police Flashers for Grille (in Red Color), Police Lights for Grille (Small), Police Lights to mount on vehicle’s roof, Heavy Duty Police Lights with Heavy Magnets, High Power LED Police Light for Dashboard among many other similar goods.  
To clear your path ahead and reach to grab those bulls by their horns buy from our site, cause we have the best items available here and they will reach your home as per your order as fast as wind can carry them.

Get those sirens going!

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