LED & Lightening Accessories

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Car Back Lamps, Taillights, Tail lamps, Rare lights 

The front, back, rear, sides and sometimes the top of motor vehicles have inserted lights and signaling devices that make the lighting system of cars. The driver's intentions regarding the speed of travel and direction's intentions, position, size, and travel direction can be easily get noticed by other pedestrians and other drivers on the road and these lights also increase the visibility of the vehicle for others on the road. During traffic, some distinctive lightning types of equipment are also used that have some emergency signals during traveling on road to passengers and other drivers from a faraway distance. Before electric lighting availability, motor vehicles use fuelled lamps the headlamps were replaced by carbide lamps and tail lamps were replaced from oil lamps. The lights have a longstanding convention as the colors used in vehicles lights are inserted with this mission.  White color light or selective yellow light must emit from backside lights, the turn signal lights and sideward lamps must emit amber color light, and the front lights must-have white colors in their lights. These primary colors for Car lights are compulsory to have and no other color is allowed to insert in the lamps. These back lamps are made to decrease CO2 emission by consuming less power or energy from these lights. The signaling lights used L.E.D lights functioning that increases the visibility and reduces the braking distance on the roads. It has the most benefits to use as high-performance Rear Lighting having L.E.D technology along with using Automotive bulbs. SehgalMotors.PK provides you the best quality back lamps of different brands like Suzuki Cultus back Light, Honda BRV Trunk light Brake lamp, Honda Civic LED Spoiler, Toyota Fortuner Rear Taillight cover with LED light Bar, Honda FIT Rear Pillar backlights, Toyota Fortuner Sequential Lexus Style Back Lamps, Honda Vezel LED Drl Tail lights lamp smoke, other brands like Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, and many others too. 

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