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Seat belts and Accessories

Seat belts and accessories

Driving safe on the roads should be the topmost priority for every person driving on the road. It is safe for the person driving from any sudden jerk or hit during driving. During a sudden collision or sudden stop the passenger of the vehicle may get hurt and for this safety seat belts are inserted in the car's seats. With interior strike Hazards, in a traffic collision, the secondary impacts reduce the likelihood of serious injury or death on the roads. If the vehicle rolls over or receives a car crash, it prevents occupants from being ejected for maximum effectiveness of the airbag, by keeping occupants position correct. Because of Vital Role in occupant's safety, seat belts are considered Primary Restraint System as it prevents passengers of cars from falling out or making any sudden contact with the interior of the car by applying an opposing force to the driver. Sometimes it happens that the driver has to stop the car suddenly or crashes it while passengers and drivers both are moving in the same speed seat belts stops you from injury. SehgalMotors.PK has the best quality seat belts for you that are available at affordable prices for you we have Seat belt covers in blue and Red, TAKATA 4 Point seat belts in Green color, Bride Seatbelt and Auto friend Safety Car seat belts. 

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