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Console Box

If you don't have a console box installed in your car, you can go through moments where you're annoyed by the lack of space or storage points in your car. You need someplace to store everyday items or just your morning coffee mug, whatever the case or usage might be, the product in demand is a Console Box.

We offer various kinds of Console Boxes depending on your preference and/or car brand. These include Daihatsu Cuore Arm Rest And Console, Suzuki Mehran Euro II Console Box Carbon Fiber Style With Logo, Suzuki Mehran Euro II Console Box Wooden Style With Logo, Suzuki Mehran Console Box with Cup Holder - Grey, Suzuki Mehran Type R Console Box - Grey, Suzuki Mehran Console Box - Wooden, Suzuki Mehran Console Box with Carbon Fiber Cup Holder - Grey etc.

So visit our website SehgalMotors.PK to scroll through our list of Console Boxes. 



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